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Let me love you

Let me settle across your surfaces
gentle and insistent as dust
elemental atoms gathered at your seams and corners
lay myself humble against your natural grains

Let me love you

I want to bend into your attention
like a radio tune
you didn't intend to learn
urge your mouth around
the lyrics of my name

again and again
i can be your classic for the ages

Let me love you
Let me press my fingers into you
keyboard confident
asdf jkl;
without looking, I would ink
your best intentions across torn parchment
read the epic tale of your heartbeat
until the gilded edge of slumber

Let me

Mist the slope of your brow
speckle your flesh with salted dew
course your sculpture of spine
temple, cheekbones, your neck
feel me collect in your basin and ravines

There glittering gems embedded in these kisses
I will use them to adorn your crown
There's frequency that hums inside my chest
steady your navigation here

steady your Let me love you
with the urgent howl of birth
grit my teeth, nurse your dreams
forgive the agony of stretching
just to see the wonder
that booms behind your eyes

Let me unwind these alloy springs
convert anxious physics into faithful mechanics

Let the shoreline of these open arms
harbor the vastness of your seas

Let me
Let me

(c) Dasha Kelly 2012
Excerpt reading from forthcoming novel Almost Crimson
(Curbside Splendor, 2015)